Puzzled About Your Internet Access? Computer Basics can provide you with the HIGH SPEED Road Runner solution!

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 Computer Basics offers North State Communications' high-speed DSL Internet Access service. Call for further information or to order ExpressNet for your home or business.

Phone: 336-454-1111

* up to 20 times faster than conventional modems * no busy signals
* unlimited access * no tied up phone line

Computer Basics installs ExpressNet from North State Internet. High speed Internet access at your home or business. Explore the vast boundaries of the World Wide Web at a pace suitable to your lifestyle.

Fast Downloads - With ExpressNet from North State Internet, you can download audio, video and data files at speeds up to 20 times faster than most conventional modems.

Surf and Talk - ExpressNet utilizes existing phone lines to provide high speed Internet Access. One phone line can carry voice and data traffic at the same time.

Always on - No more dialup hassles! Subscribers will not have to dial in to a pool of modems to connect. No busy signals or waiting to get online.

Unlimited Access - ExpressNet has no time limits. Your Internet account includes unlimited access.

Technology - Express Net utilizes the Digital Subscriber Line Technology, better known as DSL. DSL provides users with high speed Internet access over existing copper telephone lines.

Speed Comparison - Similar to DSL, Cable modems offer high speed Internet access with an always on connection. However, unlike DSL, Cable modem access is provided over a shared network. Speeds may diminish over time as more subscribers join the network or during peak usage times.

Still have questions? Want to initiate an order? Please visit Computer Basics or call one of our friendly Service Representatives at 454-1111.

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 Phone: 336-454-1111

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